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Pattern: Pastel Teddy Bears

The unique baby cocoon, made of high-quality premium cotton with the original Swan pattern, is an irreplaceable travel hit .

Thanks to its unique design, the baby cocoon limits the baby’s movements, providing him with a sense of security and covering so important especially in the first weeks of a child’s life. Our baby nest is very functional as it protects the baby from rolling out of bed or sofa and high edges let the baby to be placed on any side.

It will work:

  • as a portable deckchair to play with the parent,
  • a familiar space for sunbathing, especially helpful in a new place, e.g. on vacation, outdoors,
  • a temporary cot for naps during the day,
  • a convenient place to change a nappy,
  • a safe place for baby care or massage.

Perfect construction

The shape of the baby cocoon is designed to make a friendly space for a child . Sufficiently high and soft edges of the cocoon protect the baby from hitting and rolling, e.g. from the couch. The bottom of the cocoon is accordingly hard and breathable foam mattress , providing the baby with comfortable support while sleeping and playing.


The Amumu baby cocoon has a number of improvements that make it easier to use. An adjustment in the form of a cotton tape is extremely useful, which allows you to properly tighten the edges of the cocoon, adjusting its size to the baby. Thanks to this, the cocoon is there perfect from the first moments of life .

It also has a cocoon handle for convenient carrying anywhere. And pleat cotton fastened with a soft Velcro that does not irritate the child’s skin. This pleat allows you to hide the cotton tape so that your toddler does not get tangled in it.

In addition, our baby cocoon is bilateral , thanks to which it is possible to change the arrangement. It is also useful for light soiling that does not require immediate washing. It is enough to turn the cocoon inside out and tie it back, arranging the edges again.

It grows with the child

Our baby cocoon can be used comfortably adjust . Thanks to the drawstring, you can narrow the space or expand it. When the baby no longer fits the legs, the cocoon should be untied so that the baby can continue to use it. Thanks to the fact that our baby cocoon is one of the the widest on the market, it can be used by even a few years old.

Convenient to wash

Amumu has a baby cocoon pull-out mattress , closed with a covered zipper with a small, delicate zipper without hanging elements on which the child could scratch. Before each washing, the mattress should be removed and the strings tied together. The edges of the cocoon are filled with high-quality filling that does not clump up in the wash. After washing the cocoon, it is enough to gently arrange the edges and lay it flat for drying, so that it is like new after drying.

Convenient for travel

We pack the cocoon in a special one case , so you can conveniently move it to any place, which will be especially useful when traveling. Thanks to this, the baby has its own a separate and familiar space wherever it goes.

The highest quality

A cocoon is a product that is close to the baby’s body. So we make sure that it is like the most pleasant to touch , and at the same safe .

The Amumu baby cocoon is nice, delicate, perfect for baby’s sensitive skin, because it was created made of certified, safe for children cotton . Its filling is extremely fluffy, thanks to which the sides of the cocoon are soft and elastic at the same time. Thanks to the fact that we only use high-quality filling it does not clump after washing. Mattress cocoon is an elastic foam with perfect hardness, on which the baby will feel comfortable and comfortable. Original pattern Created especially for Amumu, it makes the cocoon unique and unique.

All fabrics that we use for production are tested for safety and have Oeko Tex Standard 100 certificate in class I . This means that they are free of harmful substances and safe for contact with the baby’s skin.

internal dimensions – 35 cm x 75 cm (+/- 3 cm)

external dimensions – 55 cm x 90 cm (+/- 3 cm)

Composition : 100% satin cotton – digital print with OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certificate

Filling: antiallergic filling

IMPORTANT: You cannot carry or lift a baby in a cocoon. It should be used under the supervision of an adult.

How to care for a baby nest:

  • Wash at max 40 °
  • Centrifuge max 400 revolutions
  • iron up to 110 °
  • do not use bleach
  • do not tumble dry
  • do not dry clean

Original Pattern

The color of the product may differ from the one shown in the photos due to different production batches.

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